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Monthly Archives: July 2018

Premium Custom Countertops

Initial fabrication process – slicing blocks into slabs

Rocks quarried from the earth are divided into blocks and transported to fabrication centers. There the blocks are sliced into slabs using block saw. Industrial quality diamonds studded in metal wire saws are also used to cut the rocks into blocks.

Slabs into countertops and tiles

Based on customers’ requirements slabs are shaped into countertops or sinks using bridge saw, and given a final touch by polishing.

Automated fabrication machines

Recently, many businesses have been found to use CNC routers and machineries for fastening the fabrication process. In these processes, robots handle everything starting from block movements, slicing into slabs, to finished natural stone countertops and surfaces required for home and office purposes.

A water cooling system helps prevent heating of the stone during cutting and polishing process. Edging as per customers’ specifications completes the fabrication process.

Following are the stone fabrication tips for best results:

• Avoid vibrations and prevent damage to the slab during the cutting process by clamping it near the cutting line

• As the slab already comes with right polish and finish, redoing it can spoil the surface

• Cut long slabs lengthwise first and then widthwise, not vice versa

• While cutting thick slabs or distorted ones, cut half their thickness from opposite sides

• Follow a standard of 1.5 mm radius for external and 6 mm for internal corners

• L-shaped countertops do not need rounding

• Avoid seams or cut edges near corners as they are vulnerable

• Use enough water to prevent dust and heat during cutting or polishing the tiles

Living Room Interior With Blue

Blue is a cool color by nature. Browsing through interior catalogues, it is one of the most widely used colour for show homes and interior shoots. but in reality, a lot of people find it difficult to lay out an interior scheme with blue. It takes a little effort to work out the scheme and combined with other cool tones as it works many other cool tones like gray, purple, even black. To give your room a sense of stability and calm, use combinations with Gray, Purple, Black with Blue. If you want to go bold with your interior, go for combination with metallic, whites, deep reds.

Hanging patterned blinds in floral blue fabric adds a layer of interest to a living room scheme. Blue tones used both on the window and accessories create a link between the two. An area rug in Grey may offer softness, with a comfortably and generously cushioned sofa.

A floral curtain fabric sets off the colour scheme in a living room. Mix blue and floral curtain fabric for a soft, gentle living room style. Floral patterned Curtains / Blinds with brighter floral pattern on cream goes extremely well with pastel sofas. Try this beautiful yet elegant Blossom floral curtain fabric in blue to create a statement around your interior. Fabric in a bold floral pattern will make a strong statement when teamed with other soft furnishings and curtains in the same colour. Another idea, is to start with creamy neutrals on the walls, carpet and upholstery, then choose blossom-print curtains with Blue and purple or Lilac accessories.

Blues and soft creams, is a wonderfully calming scheme that is perfect for living rooms. Choose furniture in pale colours that look as if they’ve been bleached by the sun. Have fun with prints and accessories around the furniture in muted colour. Floral Curtain fabric can set off the colour scheme in your living room. Play around with coordinating and complementing colours. Mixing other prints with floral pattern will create interest in the living space. For a tip, start with creamy neutrals on the walls, carpet and upholstery, then choose blossom-print curtains.

Cotton Chenille Boundary Rug

What are the Advantages of a Cotton Chenille Boundary Rug

  • A cotton chenille boundary rug is fairly thick and feels soft. You can lay on it and read books, watch TV or play paper and dice games. Your pet will enjoy sleeping on it because of its softness.
  • It is machine washable and can be put in the dryer for drying. It stays soft even after washing it multiple times. First time washing may cause some shedding but the shedding will reduce as you wash it for more times. Washing the rug multiple times will not affect its softness, color and thickness. When washing the rug, always take care to follow all the instructions on the care label.
  • If you observe the chenille pattern, you will find dashes of horizontal streaks that contrast beautifully with the solid background color. This gives the rug a natural and wash away look that can add some rustic appearance to the room.
  • Cotton chenille rug can stay put on the floor quite firmly when you put a rug pad underneath. This makes it suitable for a pet dog to play on it without causing slipping on knees. The rug will not shift place and you don’t have to look for it under the sofa or any other place after your pet plays on it.
  • It is fairly cheap and can be easily replaced if your kids or pets ruin it.
  • It is light and has the same weight of a cotton blanket. You can easily move it around without another person’s help when necessary.

What are Some of the Uses of the Boundary in the Carpet

  • The boundary printed on the rug can guide you on how deep in to arrange the furniture. In this way, if the furniture is pushed, it will stay within the rug.
  • The boundary in modern boundary rugs are also useful in commercial purpose, for example, when you rent an area in the shopping mall to run a temporary promotion, you need to stick the carpet to the rented area. You can arrange your stuff such as products, display cabinet within the boundary. It is best to buy 7×9 boundary area rugs that have fringes on the top and bottom side. Without fringes, the edge will curl and cause tripping hazard. A turnaround solution for this is to use a paper tape to tape the four side of the rug to the floor.
  • Cotton chenille jute boundary rug can be used as a hopscotch mat for your kids. It is easy to use chalk to draw a hopscotch diagram since the material is made from jute. When you want to erase away the chalk mark, you just need to use a dry rag cloth to wipe it away.
  • Some modern boundary rugs have tile patterns, for example, mosaic and Moroccan tiles. If you like tile pattern on the floor but don’t have money to install it, you can just buy a boundary rug that features your favorite tile in print on put it on the floor.
  • It is basically useful for other uses which require objects or persons to stay within the boundary.

Where to Put a Cotton Chenille Boundary Carpet

Compared to other types of carpets, it is rather plain-looking as it has only 2 colors, which are, the background color and the foreground color which is the boundary printed on it. The plain look of the rug will suit any casual spaces in the house such as kids room, home office, halls. Cotton chenille boundary area rug is best placed in areas with low to medium traffic.

How to Clean a Cotton Chenille Boundary Carpet

  • You must regularly vacuum the cotton chenille rug to keep it clean. Once you have vacuumed the top side, you can turn it over and vacuum the bottom side. While you are vacuuming, a yarn may get pull out. If this happen, you should neither keep pulling the yarn nor use a scissor to cut it. Instead, you should tuck the yarn back into the rug. You should avoid vacuuming the fringe as it may get unraveled and end up in a messy spool of thread. If you prefer not to vacuum the rug, you can always take it outside to shake off the dirt.
  • If your cotton chenille rug is stained, make sure you quickly clean up the spills. Moisture spills should not be vacuumed as the wind from the vacuum cleaner can disperse the liquid stain to a larger area. The best way to clean up moisture spill is to spot clean by using a paper towel or dry rag cloth to gently press it.
  • After you have suck up as much moisture as possible, you can use a sponge that is dipped in mild soap to absorb the remaining stain. The mild soap can be purchased at the supermarket. You should work on a small area every time. If it is a stubborn stain, you can spray a stain remover to remove the stain. Pressing the stained area with white vinegar will also work.

Spring Renewal For Bedroom

Proper care will ensure your precious downs will give you many years of luxury and comfort. We recommend cleaning pillows every 3 years, comforters every 5 years, and renovation of comforters every 10 years. If your downs are only a couple of years old, it is a good idea to air them out. If you have a clothes line, that is good for the comforters and pillows. You would need a patio table or a few chairs for the featherbed or down bed. Do this on a dry sunny warm day. You will be using nature’s way to refresh the downs. It will also refluff the downs. If you do not have access to an outdoor line I would suggest hanging the featherbed or down bed over chairs near an open window. For the comforter and pillows I would put in a dryer set on low for 15 minutes. I would recommend airing the featherbed or down bed as often as is practical. If a dryer is your only option for the comforter and pillows I would recommend doing the pillows every couple of weeks and the comforter every 3 months or so. Be sure to keep the dryer on low.

Now it is time to brighten up your bedroom with a whole new look with a new duvet cover and sheet set. The beauty of the down comforter and the duvet cover, which the Europeans invented, is that you can change the look of your bedroom to suit your mood or the season with just a new duvet cover. Co-ordinate with a sheet set, pillowcases, shams and you have a whole new look. A good tip for less laundering of the duvet cover, use a flat top sheet.